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La Biennale di Venezia



The Icelandic Pavilion










June 10th - November 21st, 2007



Steingrimur Eyfjörd

Lóan er komin / The Golden Plover Has Arrived


The Icelandic Pavilion
Palazzo Michiel dal Brusa'
Cannaregio 4391/A / Strada Nova
Ca’ d’Oro vaporetto/waterbus stop (line no 1)

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Iceland has had an official presence at the Venice Biennale since 1984. This year, the Icelandic Pavilion will be located at the beautiful Palazzo Michiel on the Canale Grande, a few minutes’ walk from the Rialto Bridge and close to the Ca’ d’Oro vaporetto stop.

Steingrimur Eyfjörd has been selected to represent Iceland at the 52. International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. The artist will produce a group of new works collectively entitled The Golden Plover Has Arrived, commissioned by Christian Schoen, Director of the Center for Icelandic Art and curated by Hanna Styrmisdottir, an independent curator based in Reykjavik.
Steingrimur Eyfjörd is one of the foremost of a generation of artists who came to prominence in Iceland during the 1970s. His prolific output over the past 25 years draws on his experience not only as artist but as a comic strip author, magazine editor, writer, curator and teacher. His work employs a wide variety of media, including photography, comic strip, video, painting, sculpture, performance, writing and installation. His art may appear equally diverse conceptually: founded on influences as disparate as folk tales, Icelandic sagas, women’s fashion magazines, religion, superstition, critical theory and many other current topics, Eyfjörd’s chains of association intersect at a nodal point of multiple meaning, forming a body of work that is multi-layered and at times perplexing yet always reveals an articulate and unexpected approach to the issues at hand.
Art historian Elena Filipovic has said of Eyfjörd’s work: ‘Confusion, longing, and frustration are some of Eyfjörd’s underlying subjects but these terms also inevitably describe how one feels in front of his works. His investigations of materiality and form can seem absurd or enigmatic and psychologically charged, yet they almost always prompt an awareness of the emotional, physical, and cognitive experience of art.’ (Steingrimur Eyfjörd, The National Gallery of Iceland, 2006)


The Golden Plover Has Arrived
The golden plover is a small wading bird, regarded as the harbinger of spring in Iceland. Its arrival in the country in late March, early April, is invariably announced in the local media. In The Golden Plover Has Arrived, composed of 14 individually titled works, Eyfjörd scrutinizes the culture, economy and politics of various moments in Icelandic history, in a deconstruction of prevailing interpretations of the creation of modernity in the country. As part of his work, Eyfjörd consulted and collaborated with people from all walks of life, among them artists and academics. He also visited a medium who put him in contact with a
hidden person (a common Icelandic myth), normally invisible to human eyes. The purpose of this was to buy a mythical being – an elf–sheep – for The Sheep Pen, the central work in The Golden Plover. This somewhat surreal act highlights one of the most intangible concerns in Eyfjörd’s work: his interest in the function of consciousness in the construction of physical reality. This aspect of Eyfjord’s work is also a reflection of a belief and culture particular to Iceland, and can be further explored in the curator’s introduction in the Biennale catalogue. A highly acclaimed exhibition of his work at the National Gallery of Iceland in spring 2006 provided a retrospective of Eyfjörd’s significant contribution to contemporary art in the country. He has exhibited extensively in Iceland as well as internationally, including solo and group exhibitions at the Reykjavik Art Museum, the National Gallery of Iceland, Akureyri and Kopavogur Art Museums, the Living Art Museum, Den Haag Gemente Museum, The Royal College of Art in London, Mücsarnok in Budapest, the Centre International d’Art Contemporain at Carros, the Meilahti Art Museum in Helsinki and the Henie Onstad Kunstcenter in Oslo. In 2006 he was selected for the Carnegie Art Award and in 2002 he received the Icelandic DV cultural prize for visual art.

Steingrimur Eyfjörd was born in Reykjavik in 1954 where he lives and works.






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Wednesday, June 6, 20.00 (by invitation only)


Music performance: Olöf Arnalds, Ghostdigital


Thursday, June 7, 10.30

(with shuttle-boat to Giardini)


June 8/ 9/10, 9-18.00

Monday June 11, 10-18.00


regular hours, daily (except Mondays), 10-18.00


Commissioner: Christian Schoen
Assistant: Rebekka Silvía Ragnarsdóttir
Commissioning Institution: CIA.IS – Center for Icelandic Art
  Hafnarstræti 16
IS-101 Reykjavík
Tel: 00354-562 72 62
Fax: 00354-562 66 56
Curator: Hanna Styrmisdóttir
Coordination in Venice: M+B Studio

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Brunswick Arts (London)
Benjamin Ward
+44 (0) 20 7936 1297

Brunswick Arts LLP
16 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
London. WC2A 3ED  

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Ed. by Lóan er komin ef., CIA.IS - Center for Icelandic Art and Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik 2007





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Steingrimur Eyfjörd: The Curlew, 2007   Steingrimur Eyfjörd: Watervatn, 2007
Steingrimur Eyfjörd: The Curlew (exhibition view), 2007
Patinated bronze
25 x 36,5 x 48 cm
Photographer: Spessi
Courtesy of the artist
  Steingrimur Eyfjörd: Watervatn (exhibition view), 2007
Water, bottles, plexi-glass, toy model paint, cloth 44,5 x 38 x 25,6 cm
In collaboration with Ingibjörg Magnadóttir
Courtesy of the artist
Steingrimur Eyfjörd: The Icelandic Pavilion 2007   Steingrimur Eyfjörd: The Sheep Pen, 2007
Steingrimur Eyfjörd: The Golden Plover Has Arrived (exhibition view)
  Photographer: Spessi
  Steingrimur Eyfjörd: The Sheep Pen (exhibition view), 2007
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Photographer: Spessi
Courtesy of the artist
Steingrimur Eyfjörd: Elfshoes, 2007, Leather, Photographer:   Steingrimur Eyfjörd: Beautiful Move, 2007, Mixed media, Photographer:
Steingrimur Eyfjörd: Elf Shoes (detail), 2007
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Photographer: Sigurjón Ragnar
  Steingrimur Eyfjörd: Beautiful Move, 2007
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Photographer: Sigurjón Ragnar









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