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Lost Horse Gallery
Skolastraeti 1
101 Reykjavík

The Lost Horse Gallery is a new and experimental exhibition space in the center of Reykjavik.
Alexander Zaklynsky and Agnar Agnarsson opened the space in September 2007. The building is over 100 years old and has a varied history. To be in the Lost Horse is like stepping into Old Iceland when transportation was truly Horse Powered. We are a young Gallery catering to the many up and coming artists of Iceland and we encourage all to inquire about possible shows. The Gallery has a well equipped studio space adjoining the main exhibition space which is available for use as well.


Dwarf Gallery
Grundarstíg 21

An independant exhibition space, situated in a basement in the center of Reykjavík. Dwarf Gallery is running and active for a few months of the year. It´s run by the artist Birta Guđjónsdóttir.


The Corridor
Rekagrandi 8

The Corridor has been running continuously for two decades as an exhibition space in Reykjavík. Since this beginning the exhibition space has moved with the family of the gallery runner, the Artist Helgi Ţorgils Friđjónsson several times, before the present location at Rekagrandi 8.
The Corridor is not a real public gallery in the full sense of the term, but still it must be kept in mind, that even though it does not have a high profile in public life, its influence on Icelandic artlife extends far beyond the confines of the home at Rekagrandi.
The Corridor was to open up a door to art which would not otherwise be seen in Iceland.


Reykjavík project space
Skólavörđustíg 10


FUGL is a partnership that aims to reinforce art debate and discussion in Iceland. Fugl has an exhibition space inside a Tailors shop, in the city center.



Outside Reykjavík


Roni Horn: Vatnsafn - Library of Water
Bókhlöðustigur 17
340 Stykkishólmur



Garđur Ártúni 3


Founded in May 1999 by four Artists. The exhibitionspaces are located in and by their homes. Artists are invited to exhibit in four places at the same time: in the Garden in Selfoss (Iceland), a Vardhouse in Lejre (Denmark), A Kitchen in Bremen (Germany), and on a travelling Laptop. Each exhibition lasts for 3 months.


Ásabyggđ 2

KUNSTRAUM WOHNRAUM was founded by Hlynur Hallsson and Jan Fehlis in 1994. Since then Artists have held exhibitions in Hlynur Hallsson and Kristín Jónsdóttir´s home. Most of the Artists make their exhibition in view of the home environment and have used various rooms, such as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, corridors, stairs, balcony and garden.



In Öxarfjörður between Ásbyrgi and Kópasker is Bragginn witch originally was a sheep shelter and has been rebuilt and changed into an exhibition-room and studio for Yst. As Bragginn blooms only once a year, with an exhibition of Fine Art during the first half of July, it is good to know, that the opening hours are from 11 to 18 every day.