Sleppa leiðarkerfi.

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Art Schools in Iceland


Iceland Academy of the Arts
Skipholt 1 and Laugarnes
The motto of the Iceland Academy of Arts is "creativity and performance" and its role is to provide higher education in the arts. The Academy offers degree programs at the Bachelor of Arts level and is comprised of four departments: the Department of Visual Arts, the Department of Drama, the Department of Design and Architecture and the Department of Music. In addition, the Academy offers a Diploma program in Music for young musicians and a certification program in Art Education for artists, designers, and actors.


Akureyri School of Visual Arts
Kaupvangsstræti 16
The Akureyri School of Visual Arts in Akureyri Iceland is an independent establishment enjoying financial support from the state and Akureyri Corporation. It was founded in 1974. The aim of the school is to provide its students with education and training in a wide variety of art subjects. It is the aim of the school to encourage the students to explore a wide range of techniques and experiences to help shape their own, personal artistic vision.


The Reykjavík School of Visual Art
Hringbraut 121
The Reykjavík School of visual arts is a freehold foundation run by artists.
It was funded in 1947 and has been active ever since. The school is a Professional school on the province of Visual studies. The teachers are artists, designers, chosen to work on an educational and artistic track.