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Galleri Águst
Baldursgötu 12
101 Reykjavík

The gallery founded by Sigrún Sandra Ólafsdóttir opened in August 2007. The program is focussing on contemporary art.



Art Gallery Fold
Rauðarárstíg 12 - 14
105 Reykjavík

Art Gallery Fold is Iceland’s leading auction house and foremost fine arts dealership. Established in 1990, Art Gallery Fold has been in the hands of its current proprietor since 1992. The 600 m2 building has five exhibition spaces ranging from 30 to 110 m2. Art Gallery Fold sells the works of over 60 of Iceland’s best-known artists. Fold also resells artworks on behalf of individuals and companies, both directly and in auctions. Art Gallery Fold holds busy, well attended fine art auctions every month, apart from a short break during the summer period.



i8 galleri
Tryggvagata 18
101 Reykjavik

Founded in 1995 by Edda Jonsdottir, i8 has become a defining force in contemporary art in Iceland. With its eclectic mix of artists, emerging and established, Icelandic and international, i8's dynamic exhibition programme and unique collection of work has generated much interest both at home and abroad. NOTE: In Fall 2009 the gallery will move and thus be closed.



Kling & Bang Gallery
Hverfisgata 42
101 Reykjavík
Kling & Bang Gallery was established by ten artists in 2003.
The policy of Kling & Bang Gallery is to introduce national and international artists and their works, that challenge the context and content of creative thinking and seeing. Kling & Bang Gallery often collaborates with outside curators and galleries on various projects. Kling & Bang Gallery also aim to participate directly in the process of creating the artworks, e.g. by producing the works in collaboration with the exhibitors.



Icelandic Printmakers Union
Tryggvagata 17

An exhibition space run by the Union, meant for introducing Icelandic and foreign art, mainly graphics and paperwork.


Start Art
Laugavegur 12b

Start Art is joint effort of six artists who use a variety of materials and forms of expression in creating their works of art. The artists aim to be flexible and constantly evolving. Apart from that Start Art presents frequently other artists on the two floors of the gallery.

Gallery Turpentine
Skólavörðustíg 14, 2. floor

Commercial Gallery in the city center. Turpentine specializes in Contemporary Art from a variety of artists. The gallery also has on stock high class works from the old Icelandic Masters.



Gallery Box
KaupvangsstrŠti 10

Gallery BOX, opened in 2005. It┤s run by three young art students, and is placed inside their studio. The policy is to invite young artists and designers to show their art work or design. The aim is also to strengthen the ties between the art schools in Akureyri and ReykjavÝk, by inviting art students in the south to exhibit in the gallery. Besides the art work, vegetable-dinner parties will be held regularly at the location in the Akureyriĺs art center.


Jˇnas Vi­ar Gallery

Jˇnas Vi­ar Gallery was founded 2005 by Jˇnas Vi­ar, an artist in Akureyri. It┤s located in the Cultural Center of Akureyri. The main aim of the gallery is to introduce art by the artist himself and others during summer.

Gallery +
Brekkug÷tu 36

An artspace founded in 1996 by two artists, in the basement of their house.


A­alstrŠti 22

Founded in 1985 by the art society of ═safj÷r­ur, in order to contribute to Iceland┤s┤cultural landscape through progressive and unconventional exhibitions.

Hafnag÷tu 22
230 ReykjanesbŠr
/ Keflavík
Founded in 2004, an exhibition space for investgative artists. Artists who work in different media and ask questions about contamporary matters in their work.


Cultural Center

Gu­finnur Jˇnsson built Skaftfell at Austurvegur, in 1907.
Today the house is run by the Skaftfell-group, which is a non-profit organization.
It is a cultural centre with emphasis on art in East-Iceland. It has a bistro and an internet cafÚ on the ground floor, a big gallery space on the first floor and a guest apartment for scholars and artists on the third floor.


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