Sleppa leiđarkerfi.

center For Icelandic Art



CIA.IS – support program assists Icelandic visual artists in working or presenting their art abroad. The support program is divided into major grants for larger projects or assignments that require applications with longer advance notice and the so-called spontaneous support for projects with shorter notice. Major grants are for 400.000 ISK each and bound to deadlines; the spontaneous support is for 60.000 ISK for each recipient and is not bound to deadlines.



Major Grants

The major grant program supports:


1.            Artist in Residence/Travel Support
               Support for travel and/or residencies abroad.

2.            Projects
               Support for development of single productions, projects or exhibitions presented abroad.

3.            Publications
               Support for publications that aim to promote the artist, artist group, non-
               commercial gallery or institution to an international audience. This includes support
               or publications, catalogues, DVDs, CD-ROMs, etc. (no websites).

The Center for Icelandic Art has awarded a total of two million ISK through their annual Major Grant Program to Icelandic artists and art professionals for their promising artistic endeavors abroad.
The Center’s mission is to introduce the Icelandic art scene to the international art world and support the success of Icelandic artists by assisting them in realizing their projects overseas.

The beneficiaries of the Center’s grants include Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir and Hrafnkell Sigurđsson for their participation in the Liverpool Biennial this fall; Kling and Bang Gallery, for its participation in the exhibition “No Soul for Sale” in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern; Unnar Örn Jónasson Auđarson, for his exhibitions in London and Bucharest; Jonatan Habib Enquist, for his exhibition titled “Iceland – The Nordic 3rd World Country”; Harpa Árnadóttir, for her exhibition in Göteborgs Konstförening and the publication of her book; Sara Björnsdóttir for her exhibtion at Kulturpalast Wedding and Ásmundur Ásmundsson for his book “Rćđur 1999-2009”, published by Útúrdúr.


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Spontaneous Support

Some funds are reserved for spontanous support of amounts 60.000 ISK or less each.
For applications see Who can apply and the Application form for spontaneous support.


PLEASE NOTE: From 1 June all applications have to be send by e-mail.


Applications are to be send to with the subject line "spontaneous support

Applications for spontaneous support are not bound to the deadlines but must be received at least 30 days before the beginning of the project (i.e. opening of an exhibition, start of the trip, etc.). Artists can apply as long as there are funds remaining.


If two or more artists apply for the same project, the jury is allowed to discuss the application as one.

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